Algebra is a very broad term that covers many different operations and that can be applied in various different places in everyday life.

Algebra lessons

Just like in everything else in your life, with algebra you have to start from the very beginning. It is implied that you already know the basic arithmetic. As you will notice, algebra will divide in two different parts. One part is where you can visualize the problems and the other part is algebra that is needed for even more complicated problems. You should know that everything here is somehow bounded which means that problems can be interlaced from different parts of algebra. This may seem a little bit complicated, but we’ll let you in on a secret. Try to be patient and do not rush. First look at the problem, think of a way you can solve it. The first solution that comes into your mind may be the best, but chances are that there are many different approaches that may be simpler, easier and quicker. In no time, you will learn how to use that kind of thinking in many different situations, even ones that do not include math. So before saying that you will never need something of this in your life, consider first how many logical skills you will be getting and you will never think of that again. Every part of algebra will let your brain expand beyond its thinking range. Your concluding will become quicker and you will feel more confident.
Also, algebra is a natural science. You can find its uses everywhere. From basic math operations to equations and inequalities, we will provide interesting and motivating real life problems. Every lecture we have is broken down into different levels which means that you can find everything you need.

Starting with functions

Here you can also learn basic functions. You can learn what they really are and how we define them, how do we plot them and what do we use them for. If you read this lesson carefully and go through the examples, future function encounters will become much easier to deal with. There are many different functions that are used for different things and they are widespread through every part of math which is the reason why you should pay attention and really learn the basics. Another thing that causes many headaches is linear algebra. Linear algebra is used for cryptography, coding theory, economics, graph theory, geometry, genetics, networks, even in games. To come to these important uses, you must start with learning all there is to know about vectors. Vectors have many properties and there are many operations you can perform on them, but none of them is that hard to remember.

Heating things up- for the patient ones

Another large part of algebra are polynomials. Operations with polynomials require a lot of patience and focus which is why they aren’t favourite with students. For those who master basic operations with polynomials and are sure of themselves can come and learn more. You can learn about their solutions and why do we try so hard to find them. We will also show you the basics of the number theory. Number theory is one of the most fun parts of math, as you will discover for yourself. Number theory is the base of modern cryptography. If you have trouble with proving mathematical statements, this is the best place to begin. The proofs require less writing and more thinking and this will help you start thinking logically and many proofs will come easier.

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