Everyday Math

The section Everyday math is the set of six different areas of math which will help you manage everyday problems you encounter.

Everyday Math Lessons

Organizing and simplifying life tasks

No matter what you’ll do in your life, the chances are you will have to cope with a lot of data and you may feel overwhelmed. Just in case you may develop data phobia, you should read what we have for you. We can teach you to organize, read and interpret data with ease. You’ll never have to worry about information piling up. Also, you will be able to interpret data given in many different forms.

When you are in trouble and don’t know what to do, it is always a good thing to have math by your side. Many problems could be solved in a step or two if only we could learn how to write them down. Come, take a look, solve few examples we have and you’ll be surprised with how many life problems you’ll be able to solve. Before this, you’ll have to learn how to write numbers in words and to represent verbal phrases in algebraic expressions.

Searching for the very basics of computer science and simple calculation? You found it. Here we will teach you how to transform numbers between decimal, binary and hexadecimal number system. After that, you will be able to learn simple calculation in those systems. This makes different situations much easier.

Why do we measure everything in a specific way?

Since the beginning of time, humans were kind of obsessed with measuring everything. Measures changed a lot over the time and are in no way the same as they were. We will take you to the journey through history of finding measures. You can also learn how to tell time on the analog clock. You can also find out what mass is and why it is important for us. There are many different units that you probably didn’t even heard of that we use to measure different kinds of objects, from planets to atoms.

What is the percentage of zinc in a penny?

Right now, this question may puzzle you. What if I told you could simply calculate it? If you are having trouble with percentages you came to the right place. Through simple and colourful examples you will learn everything you ever wanted to know. After some practice you will be able to solve far more complicated problems without breaking a sweat. You will find out just how many problems in life accrue that can be, in a simple and quick way, solved by percentages. Also, after this lesson, you’ll be able to calculate all the discounts in markets, it will help you in future for chemistry, physics, cooking, farming, construction and so on.

By the way, cent is made from five percent zinc.

Two more important things you should learn are proportions and ratios. You will be able to understand so much more of everything. Proportions are important for you in construction, art, installation, administrative offices and many more.