SpaceRail - All About Marble Run Roller Coaster SpaceRails
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SpaceRail – All About Marble Run Roller Coaster SpaceRails

SpaceRail - All About Marble Run Roller Coaster SpaceRails

Assembling a SpaceRail marble roller coaster is a fun way to keep older children and adults entertained while challenging their problem solving abilities. SpaceRails is an educational and fun STEM toy that requires time and patience.

Think of SpaceRail like a marble run concept but much more difficult. These marble run sets are appropriate for adults and teens. They are advanced.

Each of the SpaceRail levels comes as a set. The higher the number, as in SpaceRail Level 9, the more difficult it is to build. Level 9 has the most pieces and is the most intricate and complicated.

The easiest kit is SpaceRail Level 1. It has less pieces and is more straightforward. However, know that even Level 1 is a challenge and will likely take a few hours to build.

The biggest issue with SpaceRail are the poor directions. They are in roughly translated from Chinese. It will take patience and organization as you organize all the pieces, matching them to the pictures. While these difficult-to-follow directions may add to the challenge and fun, they can be frustrating.

These are complicated sets. They are not easy to build. Because of this, SpaceRail is something that will challenge STEM-oriented tweens, teens, and adults.

SpaceRail marble run set

While SpaceRail offers nine levels, easier versions and very difficult sets, the premise remains the same: Build a marble roller coaster run and get it to work. You know it works when the marble goes up the “elevator” and down the tracks.

All of the levels are challenging, even for adults.

Setting up the SpaceRail marble run also involves the ability to follow directions, patience, being organized with pieces, and more. It will help develop STEM skills.

SpaceRail levels

There are nine SpaceRail sets. SpaceRail Level 1 is the easiest while SpaceRail Level 9 is the hardest.

The idea with SpaceRails is you start at Level 1 and progress through the sets until you finish Level 9. The recommended age for SpaceRail Level 1 is 15+.

You may be tempted to start with a SpaceRail 4, 5 or 6. We strongly advise starting with a lower set.

Even SpaceRail Level 2 and Level 3 are very challenging. Read reviews and be willing to start with a lower level set, even Level 1 or Level 2. Accomplish building those and then move on to the higher levels.

This is especially important if you are buying this marble run for tweens and teenagers. When they accomplish Level 1, they will feel proud and willing to try the next level because of that success. It’s better to do this than for them to get discouraged.

Even if you are excellent as problem solving and strong in the mechanics of building, the not-so-thorough directions make it more challenging. See below for more information on each of the SpaceRail levels.

What is SpaceRail?

SpaceRail is a perpetual roller coaster that you build. It works with steel marbles on an automatic marble run that you put together. Think of it as a build-it-yourself marble roller coaster.

What kind of toy is SpaceRail?

SpaceRail combines the best of beloved building sets such as KNEX, Erector Sets, LEGO, Tinker Toys, and marble runs. SpaceRail is based on the 1980’s SpaceWarp kits.

This is a marble run set that involves building a marble roller coaster. Once completed, you roll steel marbles down the tracks. If you built it correctly, it will work. If not, you need to go back and troubleshoot until it does.

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SpaceRail - All About Marble Run Roller Coaster SpaceRails

SpaceRail – All About Marble Run Roller Coaster SpaceRails

SpaceRail marble roller coaster layouts

SpaceRails Level 1 has directions and illustrations for one build. However, with Levels 2 and higher, you can choose from different configurations. That makes SpaceRail even more fun. You can complete a set, and then build it again in a different layout.

Either way, the goal in each design is to allow the steel marbles to make a variety of movements along the tracks. It’s challenging to build and fun to watch!

Each kit is sold as a DIY project, the designs can be customized as you get better at building. The result? A giant space rail marble roller coaster set.

SpaceRail parts

Each set includes metal rods, plastic rails, clips, and balls. The directions are not always clear. You will be relying heavily on pictures and problem solving skills.

In addition, you will see a number with mm next to it. The number is the length of rails in millimeters that comes with the set. In SpaceRail, the plastic rails aren’t pre-cut to the correct length.

Each kit comes with directions that show you different roller coaster models you can build. You are meant to look at the directions and decide which build you want to put together. Then, you measure and cut the correct length of rail to make the track work.

Example of length of rails:

  • SpaceRail Level 6 includes 60,000 mm. This is the equivalent of 197 feet
  • SpaceRail Level 5 comes with 32,000 mm of rail which is 105 feet
  • Level 3 includes 16,000 mm which is 15.5 feet of rail
  • Level 1 comes with 5,000 mm which equals 16.4 feet

It is the responsibility of the player to cut tracks, form drops, loops, runs and attach them to metal rods on the base.

These activities challenge determination, patience, and resiliency and make them think creatively.

They will look at it from an engineering point of view. They may think of additional ways to build upon or change the track.

Features of SpaceRail

All SpaceRail levels have kits that vary in rail and track lengths and number of parts and pieces, depending on the level to be constructed.

All levels have basic pieces for assembly including tracks, marble balls, and the nuts-and-bolts.

The differences are on the degree of difficulty from rail length, pieces, and parts. All SpaceRail levels require varying cell batteries to power up its high lift elevator.

All SpaceRail games have different ascent, see-saw drops, speed runs, descent, loops, etc. depending on the level you want to construct.

Each of the levels comes with an instruction manual.

Is SpaceRail fun?

When you build a SpaceRail set, you have the fun of building it as well as the fun of playing with it. Much like building a large LEGO set, the fun is in the building and the satisfaction of completing the set.

SpaceRail will take hours to build, even for teenagers and adults. Think of it as a marble run for teens.

The bigger the SpaceRail roller coaster, the more time it takes to assemble because of the various parts that need to be placed in the right places. After you finish building SpaceRails, you have the fun of playing with it.

Putting together SpaceRail marble run

Whichever level you choose, it’s essentially an assembly game where the players can construct their own roller coaster out of the parts.

Each set includes tubing you measure and cut to form the various waves, loops and curves that go into making the track. You hold these in place by fastening rail holders and attaching hooked metal rods.

When you are finished constructing the set, you use the steel balls which are moved along the conveyor to the top of the roller coaster by a battery-powered conveyor belt.

The aim of the game is to ensure that these balls stay in place and do not fall off. You may need to make adjustments or changes to get it to work.

The best part about SpaceRail is that it’s hands on; you have to build everything for it to work. You will rely on the directions, including the illustrations, to complete the set.

It’s important to take some time out when assembling this game. Carefully arrange and organize the pieces. Take your time to be sure you are structuring the parts together correctly.

Going about it in an organized manner will help you enjoy the experience and finish with success.

Giant SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster Kit

Giant SpaceRail Marble Roller Coaster Kit

Then, just place the marbles in the “elevator” and watch it run. The marbles will glide and slide through the loops, twists, drops, and turns you created.

Advantages of SpaceRail

There are many benefits to doing SpaceRails. One is the sense of accomplishment and achievement you will feel once you complete it. You will be proud you were able to complete one of these challenging sets.

Another benefit is the different SpaceRail levels which increase in difficulty. This means, as teens and adults gain skills and confidence, there are more challenges. This keeps it interesting.

It’s technology-free fun for teens. The beauty of Space Rail is this is a hands-on set which builds critical thinking skills as well as problem solving skills.

It helps the user to work toward the goal of completing steps. There are a lot of pieces and the directions at times can be confusing. This set takes patience and grit.

The end result is your teen will experience an immense sense of satisfaction after completing the set. It’s even more fun when parents participate.

Builds STEM skills

Building any of the levels means you will have built a marble run roller coaster. This involves many skills, including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, mental toughness, resiliency, solving problems, troubleshooting, and more.

SpaceRail helps develop 21st century skills. This is a STEM activity.

It will help teach teens engineering as well was the laws of physics in a very interesting and creative ways. It’s one of the best educational toys for teens. It’s also a great way to get them off video games.

They may even decide to set up a new course based on what they learned from setting it up the first time. Again, this set will get users thinking, building, and engineering in new ways.

Good kit for teens

SpaceRail is a great way to keep older children off electronics. As they are learning to build the set, it will help them build essential skills for today’s world.

In addition, working on this marble run will help teens build confidence. It’s a great at-home activity.

Marble run for adults

In addition, these are marble runners for adults. There is nothing easy about these sets.

SpaceRail make great gift

This is a gift idea for teenagers. They will have the fun of building SpaceRail along with the fun of playing with the marble runs. They are quite advanced. This isn’t a “toy” or game in the traditional sense.

Another great thing about SpaceRail is that after you assemble and play with it, you can take it apart and build it again.

SpaceRails is a good gift idea for teens that isn’t electronics or a gift card.

Family time with older children

This is a fun activity for families. Parents and grandparents will have fun putting this set together.

Pros to SpaceRail

  • Takes hours to build over several days
  • Sense of pride and satisfaction when completed
  • STEM kit to use science, technology, physics, engineering, math skills and concepts
  • Problem solving, critical thinking skills
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination
  • Great for teenagers and tweens
  • Hands-on building kit
  • Way to get teens off electronics
  • Multi-dimensional; you can construct it in a certain way one time and then take it apart and construct it differently another time
  • Play with it after you build it

Disadvantages to SpaceRail

If you start with SpaceRail Level 1 or Level 2, it will be less frustrating. If you are buying this for tweens or teenagers, start with Level 1. When they complete it, buy Level 2.

Also note, these are not easy sets for younger children to complete. They will need adult help. The directions are not always easy-to-follow or clear as they are with LEGO sets.

Another downside to SpaceRail is you have to measure and cut the rails. This can be considered a positive thing. However, when you are new to SpaceRail, it can be intimidating.

Start with a lower level than you think. It’s perfectly acceptable to start with a Level 1, even with a parent helping.

Cons to SpaceRail

  • Poor directions
  • Rails aren’t pre-cut
  • May frustrate some
  • Small pieces, some poorly made
  • Many small pieces
  • Some pieces and the steel balls are choking hazard

SpaceRail levels review

Spacerail Level 1

Choosing SpaceRail Level 1 is a great way to introduce this type of set. You will enjoy spending time with your kids assembling the space rails together.

The assembling is generally fun but can be a bit tricky for young children. Most children will need supervision to successfully build the roller coaster.

As soon as you finish helping your child assemble the roller coaster, he or she will enjoy releasing the steel marbles on the tracks. They will enjoy seeing the marbles go through turns, twists, and successfully through loops.

Let the inner geek in you get out and take a look at features which have made the SpaceRail, at any level, worth your money, time, and effort.

SpaceRail Level 1 marble run review: Level 1 is a good starter set because you will familiarize yourself with the parts, construction, and directions. Once you complete it, you will understand more about it to determine what level you want to try next.

SpaceRail Level 2

Customization of SpaceRail begins at Level 2. This means you can change the design for each time you build it. The directions come with different layout options for Levels 2 – 9.

There are two Level 2 options. One set is glow in the dark. Children will need adult help. On the box, Level 2 says it’s for Ages 15+. Just like Level 1, this is a challenging set. It includes 10,000 mm of rail.

SpaceRail Level 3

Your hand-eye coordination should be picking up speed by now. Customer reviews of Level 3 report the need for ergonomic skills not only to assemble this game but to play it as well.

Level 3 has more steep drops and climbs, 360° degree flip overs, and sharp and high G-turns.

Additionally, Level 3 has more parts to be assembled because its length – all 16,000 mm of it – is longer.

Like with all the levels, you will need to read the instruction manual carefully and pay close attention to all the details. As SpaceRail Level 3 has more pieces than Level 1 and Level 2, you will want to take time to organize the pieces.

SpaceRail Level 3 marble coaster review: We strongly recommend to not attempt Level 3 SpaceRail as the first set you try. Build the first two levels and then attempt Level 3.

As the levels proceed higher, the skill set required gets increasingly more difficult. It’s important for builders to hone skills on Level 1 and Level 2, especially if you are buying SpaceRail for a teenager.

SpaceRail Level 4

It is a good idea to first go through levels one, two and three before starting assembling SpaceRails Level 4. There are more parts to assemble in Level 4 which will take more hours to complete.

The larger the game and higher the level, the bigger space that will be required.

SpaceRail Level 5

With this set comes more intensive labor regarding assembly of additional parts for Level 5 but that is to be expected as you have now reached this stage. You will have 32,000 mm rail length.

There is a glow in the dark version for SpaceRail Level 5 as well.

SpaceRail Level 6

Level 6 is intermediate stage with more accessories than the previous five other levels. Again, this will entail more assembly time.

The degree of difficulty, however, will really depend on how you will customize your SpaceRail.

More accessories mean more potential for more thrilling stunts. You should master them before moving on to the next three levels.

Features of SpaceRails Level 6 marble roller coaster

With a rail length of 60 meters, the SpaceRail Level 6 can be an endless game for those who want more than puzzles to challenge their creativity and skills. There are 1,155 pieces in this set.

To provide even more challenge, it has a 30 centimeters tall automatic lift for the highly entertaining descent of eight steel balls.

It comes with a bilingual instruction manual in English and German and runs on a 1xC cell battery. At only 3.5 pounds, this SpaceRail is lightweight.

Patience is required to assemble this mammoth of a roller coaster since it takes days to put everything together. It’s easy to lose yourself in the process.

As its model name says, Level 6 is an advanced stage which is for those who are already familiar with marble roller coasters. Hobbyists and gaming enthusiasts alike will find the SpaceRail Level 6 as highly entertaining as it is educational.

Once it’s complete, you will enjoy leaving it out to enjoy.

SpaceRails Level 6 review: The SpaceRails Level 6 is a great stage to reach because by this time, the gamers would have become quite familiar with what assembling the game entails. Users will be more confident putting the marble run together.

This takes the game marble runs to a whole new level. It’s a wonderfully entertaining, mind-challenging, and skill-enhancing “toy.”

It will be too difficult for a first-time user to fathom the intricacies of this kit if he or she started at an intermediate level. Start with a lower level.

SpaceRail Level 7

This one escalates, literally, as it has 120 feet of track. Think roller coaster meets oil rig, that’s how the assembled Level 7 will look like.

This level has more parts than the last six levels but these are neatly categorized, with each piece identifiable with symbols at both of its ends, a real time saver for this huge structure.

Have you accomplished lower level sets and are now considering SpacerRail Level 7? Like the sets before this, it will be a challenge. But that’s what’s appealing about SpaceRails. The game is fabulously structured and once you work your way up over each level, you will be able to feel a sense of epic satisfaction.

SpaceRail Level 8

Congratulate yourself as soon as you find yourself at Level 8 with its 40,000 mm of rail length and an assembled size of 92cm x 44cm x 64cm because you are now officially at the advanced stage.

You will still face challenges but will have the benefit of understanding the mechanics behind it. SpaceRail level 8 review speaks of the eighth level of the epic roller coaster game as being quite tough, even for seasoned players.

SpaceRail Level 9

At last, you’re on Level 9 and while all the features of the first eight levels have now converged in this ultimate SpaceRail game, working on 200 feet of rail length will be challenging.

Like the previous sets, this is a marble run for adults as much as it is for teens.

You will be constructing a gigantic roller coaster that you can choose to customize to challenge yourself even more. The majority of enthusiasts who enjoy this popular roller coaster game aim to reach SpaceRail Level 9. It’s the last and most challenging set in the SpaceRail series.

If you’ve progressed through the other sets, it makes sense to want to complete this challenging course. This ultimate level is ideal for advanced players because it’s exacting and will take a long time to set up.

If you are someone who has patience, enjoys problem solving, and gets immersed in tinkering, you will be happy with it.

If you are already familiar with SpaceRail games, you know the assembly will be complex — this is what makes it so captivating.

SpaceRail Level 9 marble roller coaster

Adults and teens who are interested motivated by challenges will enjoy SpaceRail Level 9 after having gone through the previous levels. Know it will still take days to complete.

If you’ve already completed SpaceRail 8, you will be ready for SpaceRail 9. If you’ve never built a SpaceRails coaster, do not buy Level 9 to start.

Review of SpaceRail Level 9 for genius kids

There may be tweens or teens who can successfully build the roller coasters with supervision. However, you wouldn’t want to buy them Level 9 to start. Even the most STEM-advanced teens should not start with this set.

It’s important to start with a much easier level track so they can familiarize themselves with how to build SpaceRail. They will learn essential science and engineering skills to make them more successful and to make the overall experience that much better.

The directions are often difficult to understand. Your kids will benefit from the experience of starting with the still-challenging, smaller, less-involved sets.

Then as your child gets older and has completed some of the sets, he/she and you can decide if you want to get SpaceRail 9.

It’s far better to support your teen’s confidence with a smaller set — which will still most likely be a feat to complete.

Let them learn about the physics and engineering concepts and build on those skills with an easier set.

No matter what lower level set you choose, your kids will be applying STEM concepts and critical thinking skills to complete it. For an older teen who is interested in engineering, this can be an engaging and enriching activity.

Great for teens

It would also be something to set out with a friend or two — much like in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle — for them to work on and collaborate with together.

There are very intricate pieces. You will want to be sure to have an area you can reserve to set this up in order to set out and organize all of the components. Being organized will make it less complex.

SpaceRail Level 9 is the hardest level. The box says it’s for ages 15 and up. It includes 200 feet of rails. Building the track is challenging and complex.

Features of SpaceRail Level 9

Spacerail Level 9 is also called Spacewrap Level 9. It’s advertised as the Hardest Level for Genius Kids for a reason. For certain, it has similar features to the lower level SpaceRails. Yet, it has some differences which make it stand out.

Some of the details in the Level 9 roller coaster include:

  • Track length

Players on this level of the SpaceRail game are able to build tracks of various lengths. These tracks are the ones that hold the steel balls that roll around in the building set and eventually make the various movements captivating regardless of the number of times the balls move round.

  • Battery powered

During assembly, you will attach a battery-powered elevator which will transport balls to the top. The elevator ensures the balls move seamlessly on the roller coaster. Furthermore, the construction material is hard plastic. This also allows the elevator to do its job much more efficiently.

  • Minimum age

As stated above, this set is difficult. This is definitely a set for older teenagers who are interested in STEM activities and who have mastered the earlier sets. SpaceRail sets the minimum age at 15 years old. It is also ideal for adults as it will still be a challenge.

  • Competitive price

For the fun and mental challenges this advanced Level 9 roller coaster game offers players, it is a decent price. If you consider what LEGO sets cost, this will also provide hours of entertainment.

SpaceRail Level 9 is one of the best roller coaster games and marble run sets for people who enjoy challenging tasks. You can use it to help older teenagers to take a break from electronics and have the experience of completing a detailed project. What an accomplishment!

People who are drawn to these types of roller coaster sets and activities tend to have the patience. Working on it for hours is part of the fun for these game enthusiasts.

Once you’ve completed the set, you have the thrill of running the steel balls on the tracks to see if it works.

Constructing the coaster is half the fun. Afterwards, you get to play on the roller coaster you built! This particular level is considered an ultimate challenge for SpaceRail hobbyists.

SpaceRail roller coasters are educational

Building this coaster teaches math, physics, engineering, design, construction, mechanics, and science. All the while, you will strengthen your critical thinking skills.

It will take time and patience to set up. You will want to take the time to read the directions for each step but that is what makes it fun. It’s an educational and challenging set that, depending on the level, takes several hours to complete.

The higher the level, the more difficult the set.

Start with a Level 1 or Level 2 set and let your kids gain mastery over it. It will be doable and enjoyable, and they will learn the basics of setting up SpaceRails. These are great sets for parents and children to complete together.

Your kids may enjoy building with Lego and other types of creative sets. Space Rail is unique and will further introduce STEM concepts. A nice feature of all SpaceRail sets is after you build it, everyone can have fun running the marbles down the tracks.

SpaceRail marble roller coaster building set

Space Rail is a set or game that is educational and challenges your creativity, skill, patience, and persistence.

It’s more than a game in that you don’t take turns playing it. You can consider it more of a model you build and then enjoy playing with. SpaceRail can provide you, your family, and friends hours of learning fun and exhilarating entertainment.

Should you buy a SpaceRail Game?

Know that SpaceRail isn’t a “game” that you play against opponents. If you want an educational game that can teach your child skills like problem-solving, grit, critical thinking skills, and the like, then a SpaceRail marble run set is a good buy.

More than anything, this STEM kit will encourage a child to be patient and inspire creativity. It will improve building skills, and instill self-esteem upon completion of assembly.

Family time with older kids

This is a “must have” item for families who want to encourage their children to learn engineering, mechanics, construction, and more. It’s a great way to spend time with your child or grandchild. Working together completing this project will take hours and teach perseverance.

Note, there are very small parts. You will need to be able to leave the set and pieces out undisturbed in order to come back to it.

The popularity of the game has increased over time because of its ability to integrate both fun and education at the same time.

SpaceRail is a toy that even older children will enjoy as the sets get progressively more challenging. It’s great for building a growth mindset in kids, even into their teen years.

There are beginner sets up to advanced sets. It is a perfect STEM project for parents looking for activities to occupy children who enjoy math, science, and construction.

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Where to buy SpaceRails

You can find SpaceRail sets at specialty game stores, used bookstores, as well as online. You won’t typically find it in mainstream stores. If you see SpaceRail or SpaceWarp on the box, it’s the same thing.

SpaceRail and Space Warp

SpaceRail is based on the Space Warp game. The assembly roller coaster game Space Warp was first created in the 1980s.

Initially, a Japanese company which made toy created this toy but stopped its manufacture in 1988, for reasons unknown.

They still continued manufacturing parts of the toy that might be needed for replacement purposes and kept creating these parts till they ran out of supplies and materials around 1995.

However, after there was a huge demand for the toy in the United States, A US based company decided to start manufacturing and marketing the Space Warp toy specifically to be imported to the United States.

Great STEM toy

Unlike other STEM toys and building sets, SpaceRail is not a fast build. Budding engineers will learn patience and organization as they set it up.

SpaceRail is really about the fun of constructing the run, whatever level it is, and watching the marbles go through your particular creation. It’s a great project to leave out and complete over the summer. In addition, it’s a great indoor activity to keep teens off electronics.